Get Ready to Choose Your Side in the G.I. Joe Comic Book Series!

Join the Universe

Hey, G.I. Joe fans! Get ready for an incredible opportunity to become a part of the of G.I. Joe by joining the “” initiative. This exciting initiative allows you to pledge your allegiance to either G.I. Joe or Cobra and have the chance to see your name featured in the upcoming G.I. Joe #1 comic series. Your loyalty could land you a spot in the series' house ads, standing alongside other passionate G.I. Joe Insiders. This is a unique chance to make your mark on the G.I. Joe universe and show your unwavering support for your favorite team.

To join the initiative, you must submit a photo of yourself, along with your declared allegiance, to the “Choose Your Side” page on the Skybound Insiders website. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the G.I. Joe legacy and a unique way of showing appreciation to the dedicated fans who have made the Energon Universe one of the hottest lines in the industry. Take the chance to have your face featured side-by-side with other members in the biggest comic book launch of the year!

An Inside Look at the Series

The highly anticipated G.I. Joe #1, set to launch this November, is brought to you by an exceptional creative team. Written by , with by Tom Reilly and colors by Jordie Bellaire, this comic promises to introduce a bold new vision of G.I. Joe and Cobra to the Energon Universe. As the story unfolds, Conrad Hauser, also known as Codename Duke, leads the extraordinary of G.I. Joe in a battle against the rising power of the mysterious COBRA in the aftermath of the Autobots and Decepticons' arrival on Earth.

This series is not just another addition to the lineup; it is a -changer that will shift your perspective on everything you thought you knew about G.I. Joe. Get ready to witness the First Appearance of an ALL-NEW character alongside familiar faces. The series will delve into the enigmatic 's unleashing of the power of Energon like never before, promising readers can't-miss moments in every issue. From secrets being unveiled to answering the BIG questions from some of the biggest franchises in comics today, G.I. Joe #1 is set to captivate and thrill fans like never before.

How to Participate

The “Choose Your Side” initiative is now open for submissions. The Skybound Insiders submission portal will be open until September 8, 2024. To participate, ensure you have a verified Skybound Insiders account, are 18 years or older, and are a legal resident of the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada (excluding Quebec). Take this chance to show your support and make an impact by featuring your name in the upcoming G.I. Joe #1 comic series. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to become a part of G.I. Joe's history and the Energon Universe. Mark your calendars for the launch of G.I. Joe #1 on Wednesday, November 13, 2024, and prepare for a thrilling new chapter in the G.I. Joe .

Get ready to Choose Your Side and be a part of G.I. Joe's history!

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